1 Timothy 6:11-16

Mar 12, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Who are You, and Why Does it Matter?" - 1 Tim 6:11-16

Our 1 Timothy 6 passage is packed with practical theology for young Timothy. He is left in Ephesus to navigate the difficult waters of church life without getting sucked into the whirlpool of worldliness and greed of the current leadership!

Maybe you have the impression that the Christian life "just happens". In other words, with minimal effort and minimal attention you expect to see great changes in your life. Is that you? In a passage full of "imperatives" [commands, urges], Timothy will flee, pursue, and fight. That is an active Christianity, not passive.

What does this have to do with the title above? Well, there is a very unique and important statement made in this passage that is really foundational for the whole thing. If you are not careful, you might read right over it and miss it altogether.

What is that statement? Why does it matter? It wouldn't be a teaser if I told you! You have to...