1 Timothy 5:3-16

Feb 19, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

How do you feel about boundaries? In the aftermath of the pandemic, we are more than familiar with boundaries like "6 ft. of social distancing". If you like sports and competition, boundaries help the game or sport to be fair and somewhat free from chaos! We realize that there have to be limits for everyone's benefit.

I think we would all agree that we are glad they exist in the form of a double yellow line down the center of the road. Their absence, or ignoring them, could have life or death consequences!

How about boundaries in relationships? Do we have a "boundary setting" God? What about in church relationships? Does agape love and ministry allow for the word "No"?

In a lengthy section on the care the church gives to widows in their church community, I found there to be some great lessons about setting boundaries! The first lesson is.....that we can, and often should! Wow. It turns out that people often like boundaries when they work in their own favor. Much less so when they work against them.

Bottom line? Boundaries in life and ministry are not always easy to set, but can be extremely important. It turns out that when there are limited resources and a great need, boundaries can be a lifesaver. But they also exist for other reasons. If you want to see what God might do, and think more about boundaries, then...