1 Timothy 3:1-7

Nov 27, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

Healthy Church Leadership -- Elders - 1 Timothy 3:1-7

We will now spend a few Sundays looking at church leadership, as God intended it to be!

Unfortunately, the church has turned to the world to determine structure and roles of leadership. How do we measure success and find leaders to take us there? Well, in a "business model", there are certain things you might want and other things might be less important.

If the bottom line is profit, or growth, or expansion, or engagement of clients, then you need a leader that knows how to accomplish that. His [or her] resume would reflect measurable success in those areas. The leaders family life could be a train wreck, but who cares if they get the job done!

Did you know that for all his creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and financial success, Elon Musk has ten kids by three different women! At least one child was born out of wedlock, but who cares if he can produce rocket ships, satellite networks, and electric cars with cool little door handles that recess into the car! Steve Jobs [Apple] was cruel and rude, but hey, we love our Apple iPhones! And don't believe for a minute that women leaders are all gumdrops and fairytales. Miki Agrawal of Thinx has a life of "dysfunction and hypocrisy", according to a Marie Claire article.

But the church is not a corporate entity, or even a religious entity. The model for church is.....family. And in families, children learn more by imitating what they see that what they are told. In families, actions speak louder than words. Families are not concerned with profit margins and stock options. Families are about godly relationships and godly character, and the church needs leaders who teach that....and live that!

WARNING: We are going to take our time through this because there is some very important discussions to be had as I give you the tools to examine our own church leadership! What does it take to become a leader in the church? Can an elder be divorced? Can a woman be an elder? What if his kids are "off the chain"? I imagine we will take two weeks for "elders", then enjoy Christmas, and look at "deacons" in the new year!

How, or by whom, does God intend for His family to be led......?

VIEW AND SEE!!!......