1 Timothy 1:18-20

Oct 23, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

Staying "IN" when you want "OUT" - 1 Timothy 1:18-20

In this message we have only three verses to consider, as we finish up 1 Tim 1. Evidently, Timothy was struggling and wanted permission to leave Ephesus. He was being criticized because of his age, he was struggling, and I imagine he was feeling ill-equipped for the task of getting the church back on track. But, Paul wants Timothy to stay put. There is a battle, and Paul needs Timothy to stay engaged in it. Now what? Paul offers some very important encouraging reminders to Timothy.

Life has its battles because there are things that we feel are worth fighting for. But sometimes we have to be reminded what we are fighting for and why it is important. Sometimes we feel like surrendering, and we need encouragement to stay in the fight. It is amazing how powerful encouragement can be in a person's life. Have you benefited from the encouragement of another person? Are you doing something you might never have done because someone encouraged you?

Encouragement is important at home, between parents and children. It is easy to criticize or express disappointment, but what might change if some positive encouragement was offered? This is also true in the church!

How does Paul encourage Timothy? What reminders does he give? This fatherly "pep talk" gets the job done, and I think you may enjoy the nuggets within the nuggets of this passage. There are some wonderful little gems hidden here!

....Come and See!