1 Timothy 6:17-21

Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"How to Get Rich and Stay Rich!" - 1 Tim 6:17-21

In this message, we have our final sermon from 1 Timothy! Although we only have five verses, the topic is a carry-over from our discussion of money over the last couple of weeks. And it is amazing how much ink is used by the Holy Spirit in God's Word to address money and it's related topics.

God gives some special instructions to those in the Ephesian church [and the church in Fluvanna], who are "better off" financially than others. In one sense, we are all incredibly wealthy when measured across the world. But even in our little congregation there are the very poor and the very wealthy.

So, back to the title. How can a person get rich? And If you manage to do it, how do you stay rich? Believe it or not, they are connected ideas. Oh my, have I learned a lot while preparing this sermon! I would encourage you to read over the passage, and then...