Sunday - Philippians 4:8-9

Dec 5, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
"What You Feed Your Mind Matters" - Philippians 4:8-9

In this message we are discussing some "final matters" that Paul wanted to address with the church. Issues like anxiety, and joy, and conflict. It seems they are things that deal with mental health!

With mental health being a huge topic, I am slowing down to a snail's pace and covering just two verses tomorrow. These verses explain how to manage and direct our thoughts!

What things in your life require care? What things do you give the most care and attention to? Is it the house? The car? The kids? -- they need a lot of care. Maybe your body? Do you take good care of your body? Is there a connection between how much you value something and how much you do to protect it and guard it's safety?

How about......wait for it.....your mind!!! Isn't that pretty valuable? We live in a world where people seem to be losing their minds? Are they losing them, or giving them away? Are we passive victims of mind theft, or are we negligent with our attention?

Hold onto your hats and be ready to be challenged regarding the care you take to manage your thought life. Maybe you have been waiting for God and praying for God to make changes in your life. To be honest, we want God to change our situation without us trying to change our habits! Maybe if you change your habits, God will change your mental health. Maybe?

How do we find spiritual and mental health and peace while things seem to be so out of control? How can we better manage our thought life so God can work in us to will and do for his good pleasure? It's SO important that you will have to....

....view and see!