Philippians 1:27-2:4

Sep 26, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
We come to the last of Paul's "whether" statements at the end of Ch 1. He is confident that, although he would prefer to be executed so he could be with Jesus, he is probably still needed to help the church mature. He thinks he will be set free and be able to visit them again! They have that to look forward to!

But in the meantime..... Paul can't say for sure if, or when, he will be able to see them. He encourages them to live as good citizens of the heavenly kingdom, no matter what happens to Paul! Then he describes what that will look like!

This is where things heat up. This is where we do some serious reframing. I will ask this question here and in the morning: How do you know you are living as a citizen of heaven? What is the proof of your salvation? If you asked four people you would get seven answers.

What serves for Paul as "proof" of salvation? What has to be reframed? I will give you just enough to make you curious. If you want to understand how to reframe your pain...yes, painful experiences and feelings, then you will need to....

.....View and See!