Sunday - Philippians 4:2-7

Nov 28, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden

"FINAL MATTERS" - Part 1 - PHIL 4:2-9

As we come to the close of this "thank you" letter from Paul to the church in Philippi, there are some "final matters" that Paul will address. These include joy, anxiety, peace, conflict resolution, and proper management of the thought life. THESE ARE MATTERS OF MENTAL HEALTH!

So, I'll give you some stats, but I don't think you need data to tell you there is a mental health crisis in America. A crisis. It turns out, the Spirit of God has much to say about mental health from a heavenly perspective. Isn't that good news?

Paul did not sit down to give them a pamphlet on mental health. But he was concerned for their well-being as a church and community in relationship. Spiritual life has a intimate connection with mental health, and you are not a helpless victim. We will look at FIVE THINGS that matter regarding mental health, and won't even bill your insurance company! It's free counseling.

Here are some questions to answer before viewing. How would rate your mental health? With a 1 being very poor, and a 5 being amazing, where would you be? How did you even come up with a number?

Are you generally in a good mood or a bad mood most of the time? Do you worry too much? Do you experience a lot of anxiety? Do you spend a lot of time "losing yourself" in social media or entertainment? Do you have unresolved conflict in your life? Are you harboring grudges and holding onto the past?

This final section of Philippians is......amazing! So, grab a notebook and your bible, and lets dive in together.

.....View and See!