Philippians 1:19-26

Sep 19, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
"What's the Whether?" - Partt 2

We will turn our attention to the next section of Philippians 1 as we try to see life the way the apostle Paul saw life. Can we really experience joy? Can we really find confidence about our future even when we don't know the details?

How confident are you about your future? Do you have anxieties about the future? Do you worry about your life? Do you worry about your death? Are you stressed about how things will turn out?

An interesting word has popped up a few times recently in my reading and listening. It's not a "Bible word", but the concept is there for sure! It's a word that describes a skill that Paul seems to have perfected. What's the word?

The word is "reframing". You see, our world and our lives are filled with events. How we talk about those events, and how we think about them, is extremely important. To put a frame around a picture -- to crop it -- is to decide what is central and how we view it. To "reframe" the picture is to place a different part in the center -- or to look at it differently.

Paul, in my opinion, had perfected the skill of reframing. And in this section, we will see how he reframes matters of life and death. You know, if we live this way, it's not just the picture that is important! The frame matters too! There are many, many voices that want to tell you how to frame the events of your life.

If you want to learn the secrets to skillful "reframing", then.....

.....View and See!