Philippians 1:1 6

Aug 29, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
I am excited to put the magnifying glass over Paul's letter to the church in a Greek city called Philippi! This was the first European city to receive the news of Jesus!

Philippians is one of Paul's "prison letters" - yes, he wrote it while in prison awaiting trial which could end in his release or his death! This makes it even more astounding that this letter is so full of encouragement, reassurance, and joy! How is that possible?

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that this little (only 4 chapters) letter is as important to believers today in America as it was to the believers in Philippi in 62 AD when Paul wrote it. The thread of this letter will lead us to important discussions regarding mental and emotional health! Topics like anxiety, contentment, negativity, and ambition are touched on along the way.

What is the thread that ties everything together? How can I find mental and emotional well-being in the world we live in? How do I live a properly "centered" life? In a culture of narcissism and hedonism, we need the Word of God to help us break free from......??

If you want the answer, then......

......View and See!!!!