Sunday - Philippians 2:5-11

Oct 10, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
If you Google "the key to everything", you will find little agreement on what that key is. The suggestions of what might be "the key" include love, communication, family, patience, teachability, and maybe some might add coffee to the list!

I have taken a bold step to title the message "the Key to Everything", and I would argue that our topic for tomorrow would truly lay at the foundation of things like happiness, success, and peace. It is the key to success in marriage and parenting and learning, and relationships. That's not just me talking. It is the thing that God points to over and over and over in the Bible as a thing He responds to with grace.

More than that, and in connection to the picture I included above, it is essential to the nature of Jesus and should also be essential to our existence. Do you recognize what that is a picture of? How does that connect to our passage?

I would go so far as to say that it is the key element that is missing from American culture and if reintroduced, would produce radical changes. I am not alone in this observation. It's absence is noted by sociologists and psychologists. It's absence is also noted as a sign of life in the "latter days" according to the Apostle Paul.

What is this "key to everything"? Seeing it and knowing it will be easy. Having it will require a new way of thinking that is utterly counter-cultural. But if you grasp it in your heart, it will transform your life. I pray the sermon will do justice to the passage. If you want to know the "key to everything", then......

.....View and See