Sunday - Philippians 3:1-11

Nov 7, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
"The Balance Sheet of Life" - Phil 3:1-11

Based on the title, this message sounds like a boring sermon on accounting. Balance sheet of life?? What can that be about? Before you you "write it off" [notice purposeful accounting humor]....Let's see what the passage will address!

Have you ever made a bad financial decision? Maybe you paid too much for a car or house and now it was burying you financially? Or maybe you declared a major in economics, but halfway through you fell in love with nursing. Now what?

There are times when we have big decisions to make about how we have spent. But now we are not talking money, but life. There are times when we have to "cut our losses" by walking away from one thing so we can go in a more profitable direction. Sell the car. Drop the major. Ouch. These are painful decisions made with a new and better direction in mind.

Is it worth it? I guess that is a question only you can answer. It will depend upon how much you value what you are making of your life vs what your life in Christ provides. Paul has no problem making that choice and uses very colorful language to explain it.

Paul hits home once again and I can only hope to do justice to the power if his words and the pictures he creates. By the way.....have you ever felt torn over taking out the garbage? Do you ever feel tempted to hold onto the trash instead of throwing it away? It's doubtful.

What does that have to do with the balance sheet of life? If you want to know, then....

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