Sunday - Philippians 2:12-18

Oct 17, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden

"Humility: A Joint Venture!" - Philippians 2:12-18

In this message we take the mountaintop experience of Jesus' humility and see how it looks on us! We have seen that, for Jesus, humility was a choice. But that's Jesus, and you might say, "I am not Jesus". Can we really hope to overcome pride?

The answer is, "Absolutely"! But God won't do it without your participation, and you can't do it without His participation. Humility is a joint venture! If it was up to us, then we could be proud of how humble we have become! Isn't that funny!? Instead, we are only responding to the work that is already being done by God inside of us.

In this short section, we will identify the signs of pride and how they contribute to conflict and make the church a poor witness to the world. The world is filled with intellectual pride, arguing, and opinions. Pride comes naturally. It's humility that has to be worked out in our lives!

If you want some sure ways to spot pride and cultivate humility, then.....

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