2 Timothy 1:13-18

May 21, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Ahhhh, Refreshing" - 2 Timothy 1:13-18

There is no escaping the very personal nature of 2 Timothy. One way to see just how personal of a letter this is would be to notice the number of people mentioned by name!

Writing from death row -- the Roman Mamartine prison -- Paul is doing his best to encourage Timothy from a distance. The good news is that, while some have found reasons to distance themselves from Paul -- and from Jesus -- others have risen to the occasion.

How are you feeling right now? Are you able to be an encourager or do you need to be encouarged? Do you ever feel "out of breath", like you are working so hard and you are exhausted?

Built on this question, we will discuss the importance of "patterns" and meet an impressive man named "Onesiphorus". What makes him stand out? What makes him so special? Well...