Psalms 92-94

Feb 8, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

You Have Made Me Glad!" - Psalms 92-94

So tonight, we pick up in the Psalms, looking at 92,93, & 94.

As has been a dominating theme in the Psalms, these look at the great contrast between those who are with God [aka, the righteous] and those who are against Him and His purposes. Psalm 1 really does set the stage for the entirety of the Psalms and we regularly see the mental wrangling with the problem of the presence of wickedness and evil. Here we are again.

But.....Psalm 92 is another "gem" among the Psalms. Think about this today - When you are having a bad day, feeling down, or maybe discouraged, what cheers you up? What puts a smile on your face? What ray of light breaks through the clouds of a bad mood?

Psalm 92 communicates a beautiful outlook for those who are God's, affecting mood and productivity even into old age! Our lives are not just a series of coincidences, activities, and random chances that leave some to be victims of bad luck and others to be recipients of good fortune. How has the Psalmist found such joy? What has cheered him up?

All this and much more in Psalms 92-94, so....