Psalms 15-17

Feb 16, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

"Enjoying God"

With Psalms 15-17 on the agenda, you can bet we will handle a few different topics, but at least one thing we will discuss in our ability to enjoy relationships!

Are your current relationships a source of joy or stress? Parents, are you enjoying your children? Husbands, are you enjoying your wives? Saints, are you enjoying your God? If not, why not? Are we too busy trying to fix or mold or get that we have lost the ability for simple enjoyment of relationship? I can guarantee you that enjoying relationships on the horizontal will grow as you enjoy the vertical relationship!

Psalm 15 delineates the character of a person who gets to enjoy the Bedouin-style "tent hospitality" of God! The Bedouin nomad is known for hospitality - opening the tent and extending warmth and protection and fellowship with their guests. who experiences that fellowship with God?

Psalm 16 is a sheer celebration of the benefits of entrusting your life to a faithful and good God! The benefit does not flow from simply saying you trust Him, but in reality keeping Him at a distance. If you run to Him for refuge He will care for you, and that care extends from this life even into death. David is so satisfied and pleased with what God has given Him, he would never consider worshipping elsewhere!

If you are mostly a "Martha" -- so busy serving God that you have no time to enjoy Him, then tonight's Psalms may be just what you need. How will you know unless you....