Psalms 21-22

Mar 9, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

"A Psalm of the Cross"

If you have been a student of the Bible for even a little while, you might recognize the opening plea of Psalm 22. "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me" is one of the seven statements Jesus makes from the cross. Evidently, Jesus wants all who heard Him cry out that day -- all those Jews who knew their scriptures -- to think about Psalm 22.

Psalm 21 is a wonderful postscript to Psalm 20. In that Psalm the people prayed for their king. God answered those prayers and in Psalm 21 there in great joy in a God who answers prayer! But Psalm 22 will be our focus.

Psalm 22 is remarkable in many ways. It describes suffering and pain and ridicule. In clear imagery it describes crucifixion 1000 years before Jesus and at a time when crucifixion had not yet been utilized as a means of punishment or execution. Other details defy our ability to connect it to anything in the life of David.

But as you will see and read, the events connect easily with those surrounding the life and death of Jesus. Although David penned the Psalm 1000 years earlier, the details are...well....miraculously prophetic.

One quote is of particular interest. "I am a worm and no man." Now there is someone with low self esteem, right? Are these the words of Jesus about Himself? What does He mean by that? What kind of worm? I am certainly not going to tell you, but I promise that the crimson worm will leave you in awe of the precision and purposefulness of God. To get the full story....