Psalms 7-8

Jan 26, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

"Praise and Awe!"

While we have three Psalms to look at, Psalm 8 will be a focus. It is awe inspiring and will offer some great opportunity for discussion and thought.

When is the last time you experienced the emotion of "awe"? It's not something we talk about very often. Is there an emoji for "awe"? What would it look like. Awe may be experienced at the birth of a baby, the sighting of a tornado, or standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Psalm 8 expresses the important feeling of "awe" relative to looking up into outer space and thinking about it. Where did it all come from? Where does it end? How many stars are up there? What keeps them there?

Awe makes us feel small and weak and amazed. Awe humbles us. The experience puts us in our place and gives new perspective on what is important. While David looked at the heavens from earth, now we have the ability to look at the earth from the heavens! Astronauts that have been able to see earth from outer space experience something called the "Overview Effect" - a transformative experience that gives new perspective by seeing it from a different angle.

Tonight, we will worship and stand in awe of the Creator, and the fact that we have a very special place in the Universe. The God who created the massive and boundless cosmos also attends to the unique inhabitants of planet earth. He numbers the hairs on our head. Maybe you need to join us for pizza and a side order of "awe". If your worship is dry and you life is anxious, then......