Psalms 4-6

Jan 19, 2022    Pastor Steve Feden

"Wake up and look up!"

Psalms 4-6

Interestingly, Psalm 4 is a psalm that is for the nighttime, and Psalm 5 is written for the morning! How do you end your day? Do you nod off watching TV, only to wake up in the chair, shut off the TV and drag your exhausted body to the bed? Maybe you check out the news and go to bed angry or stressed about conditions in the world.

How do you start your day? Do you start by sucking down a cup of coffee and having that first cigarette? Do you hit the ground running after the alarm startles you? Did you hit "sleep" too many times and now you are running late? Let Psalm 5 encourage you!

What about Psalm 6? It's the first of the "penitential psalms" [more on that tonight]. Are you hurting? Feeling guilty or ashamed about something you have done? In Psalm 6 David is struggling. He can't sleep, he is crying all the time, and it is effecting him physically and psychologically. Although we don't know exactly what he is wrestling with, we can certainly appreciate the experience...and how he handles it!