Psalms 117-118

May 17, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"The Rejected Stone" - Psalms 117-118

Two great Psalms for our Wednesday night message! Psalm 117 is the shortest of all the Psalms -- only two verses! And Psalm 118....well, this is a gem with many facets!

Every Easter we remember the triumphal entry -- that time when Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people shout "Hosanna"! Why did they do that? Well, if you read Psalm 118, you will know! Did you know Jesus also quotes this Psalm!?

Aside from being a Messianic Psalm [one that speaks of the Savior if Israel], there is also some solid, Godly wisdom. The concept presented in this Psalm has helped me through many of life's ups and downs and worries.

I know this be a blessing to you if you...