Psalms 141-143

Sep 6, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Cave Man Theology" - Psalms 141-143

So close, yet so far away with Psalms 141-143, and in these chapters, David will not disappoint! This is a set of very deep Psalms, all authored by David and all full of deep emotion and distress.

All three represent David crying out to God and praying for help, all because of the people who chased him and hunted him like an animal. As usual, and as with us, the effects of the behaviors of others prove to be a threat to his own, inner wellbeing.

But what do Neanderthals have to do with these Psalms? Not those kinds of "cavemen"! Rather, the context of Psalm 142 will give you the connection. Have you ever felt like your world was caving in? Have you felt isolated and alone? Overwhelmed and uncared for?

Psalm 142 is a Psalm written to instruct. Our "cave man", David, wants to speak with you, heart to heart. If you resonate with any of this, or you are just curious to hear some "cave man wisdom", then let me invite you to...