Psalms 90 and 91

Jan 25, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Life is short.....Trust God!" - Psalms 90-91

We have two fantastic Psalms to look at in these two Psalms. They combine in a most useful way! Psalm 90, written by Moses [of all people], deals with the topic, "Life is short...". Psalm 91, an "orphan" Psalm, outlines the tremendous benefits of trusting God! There you have it!

Every so often, even daily, it is good to be reminded that we do not have an endless supply of time. The young feel like life is so long. But those in their later years say the same thing -- "Where did the time go?" One minute your kids are in kindergarten and you blink and they are getting married. We look in the mirror and wonder where the time went.

Unfortunately, in our day of mass entertainment - video games, social media, TV and movies -- we know exactly how our time is being spent. Stats are collected regarding the massive amount of time spent being entertained. God has given us the freedom to make that choice if we want, but the Psalmist encourages us to realize that time is a limited commodity. We do not possess and endless supply.

The more finite the resource, the more valuable. That is what Moses wants to talk to you and me about. Something so valuable requires wise management. Have you been wasting time? Are you making good use of the time you have? Have you been a wise or unwise life manager? What does Moses suggest? How does Psalm 91 complete the picture?

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