Psalms 111-114

May 3, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Lots of Little Nuggets" - Psalms 111-114

You read it correctly -- four Psalms on our agenda for this message, but they are short so it should not worry you!

The first two -- 111 & 112 -- are a pair. They go hand in hand. They are also both "acrostic" psalms. I bet you would like to know what that means! Get ready to enjoy discussing the work of God!

With Psalms 113 and 114, we delve into the Hallel Psalms. These are the Psalms that are connected to the Passover and they are used by Jews as part of their Passover feast. They extend from Psalm 113 to Psalm 118.

It's hard to nail down a single title or theme for these four Psalms. They really include a lot of little nuggets of truth. Trust me when I say there is plenty of truth and wisdom to be had, but not if you don't...