Psalms 115-116

May 10, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Religion or Relation" - Psalms 115-116

Returning from Italy, where there are statues everywhere representing Jesus, Mary, or whatever saint the church is named after, Psalm 115 reads differently to me. The unnamed psalmist really shows the contrast between statue based worship and a living God! We really do become what we worship, for our own benefit or destruction!

Statues, or lifeless gods, can't hear prayer and can't answer. Psalm 116 reflects the overwhelming gratitude of a man who saw a desperate prayer answered! What an encouragement! Have you ever had that experience of an overwhelming answer to prayer?

There is a massive difference between religion and having a relationship. The contrast will be clear, and the results radical. How do these two Egyptian Hallel psalms guide us into relationship......?