Psalms 98-101

Feb 22, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Our Response to God" - Psalms 98-101

Do you feel pressure to respond? With the variety of methods we have to communicate, and the speed/ease we have communicating by text or email, I spend so much time just responding. There are e-mails that need replies, texts that need answers, and I always feel obligated to respond. I don't like to "ghost" anyone. Are you with me?

So what about God? How do we respond to Him? James would agree that real faith -- believing the truth -- should have a response. You know the verse. "Faith without works is dead." Easy, right?

Well, the four Psalms for tonight really address what we might say is an appropriate or expected response to God when we understand who He is and how He operates. Some of the responses are emotional responses, and some practical.

Tonight we will look at Psalms 98-101 and read for ourselves the kinds of response we should expect as we consider our God. I personally have been getting a lot out of Psalm 101. If you want to know why the demons have more faith than the church, then you should......