Psalms 102-103

Mar 1, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Help for the Hurting Soul" - Psalms 102-103

In this message, I think you will find that our next two Psalms - 102 & 103 - make a nice pair. Why? Because Psalm 102 is a Psalm of deep pain and affliction while Psalm 103 is a Psalm of soaring praise!

Psalm 102 will connect with you if you are in distress. Troubled, the unnamed Psalmist pours out his thoughts to God. Prayer is the best talk therapy! Are you a verbal processor? If so, then prayer is a way to hear yourself talk through the issues of life with God.

Often we talk to God and expect Him to change something, but the "magic" of prayer is that we are often the ones changed as we hear ourselves verbalize how we feel. There can be new perspective, a new outlook, or even a different understanding.

Meanwhile, Psalm 103 completes the loop, as David walks us through so many of the reasons to be grateful. He reminds us to recall all the benefits/rewards of our God. What are those benefits? That's a matter to discuss tonight!

These are two amazing Psalms and well appreciated by saints through the ages! To fully appreciate their depth, you just have to...