Psalms 105-106

Mar 15, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"The Big Picture" - Psalms 105-106

We will complete Psalms 105-106 in this teaching, we will also complete Book 4 of the Psalms! We are making progress! Not only do these Psalms cooperate to finish Book 4, they also complement one another to tell the "Big Picture" story of the Nation of Israel!

There is a ton of history recounted in these Psalms, and with good reason. The stories of their past, and our past, help us to see what God was doing at various times in the past. If you stand back and look at the "Big Picture", you see things a bit differently.

The "little picture" -- or what is happening at this particular moment in history [personal of otherwise] -- can be tough, painful, or even uncomfortable. God can seem absent, distant, or even like He is against us!

But in the Big Picture, the dots of history connect and make a story that is really not that surprising. What is the picture? That will be the topic of tonight's discussion and study. So...