Psalms 88-89

Jan 18, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Pits and Promises" - Psalms 88 & 89

With Psalms 88 & 89, we complete Book 3 of the Psalms. It looks like our "one-year through the Psalms" will be a "two years through the Psalms." Selah.

As I was studying Psalm 88, I was reminded of our trips to Israel. One of the places we visit is the house of Caiphas, the high priest. It was there that Jesus was detained overnight. We descend into what was once thought to be a cistern, but later has been universally accepted as a dungeon, or pit, for holding prisoners.

We make our way down the staircase and clustered in that pit we stand and guessed it....Psalm 88. This Psalm is possibly the darkest and most hopeless of all the Psalms. Like watching a tragic movie that lacks a happy ending, so the light of faith fails to break into the darkness of Psalm 88. No turning point. No breakthrough. No hope. We are left wondering what ever became of the subject of the Psalm.

What is the connection between Jesus and this Psalm? Good question. My answer is always the same.....

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