Esther 3

Nov 19, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"Haman: The enemy of the Jews" - Esther 3

Chapter 3 of Esther is crucial. If you don't watch this message, you won't know what is going on in the story of Esther. But even more importantly, you won't understand what is going on in current events!

We ended chapter 2 with Mordecai, a Jew in the Persian empire, serving in an official capacity and blowing the whistle on an assassination plot against Xerxes. Way to go, Mordecai!

But chapter 3 starts out with some guy named Haman getting a promotion! Wait....what?

But the plot thickens. There is tension between Mordecai and Haman. Big time tension. We get some clues in the story that the tension didn't start with these two guys, and we know from watching the news that it didn't end with these two guys!

How much should I tip my hand in the teaser? You can always read the chapter and see what is happening. We will put the pieces together on Sunday. So I will say this: The personal tension between Haman and Mordecai escalates to genocidal proportions.

To miss the backstory that we will be discussing is to miss even current references as to what is happening in the mind of Netanyahu and the Jewish people as we watch the current events unfold. Yes, Netanyahu made an "Esther connected" biblical reference in a November 3, 2023 speech that really...and I mean really...stirred people up!

What was that reference? How does it connect to the history of anti-semitism? Why are the Jews in danger -- then and now? Oh my...

.....VIEW and SEE!