Esther 7-8

Jan 21, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"Consequences" - Esther 7-8

In chapters 7-8 we see two people pleading for their lives, Esther and Haman. Last week left us hanging, waiting for the big reveal that Esther has now postponed for the second time. The King will repeat for the third time, "What do you want. Tell me!"

And she tells him. And Haman's world turns upside down in an instant. But, consequences?

Haman could have no idea of the consequences of his pride -- unless he read the Bible. He had made an edict that, unbeknownst to him, would call for the death of the Queen of Persia! That's not good. The picture I included above tells the story. In an attempt to get rid of Mordecai, he was essentially sealing his own fate. There is an edict from God. "he who exalts himself will be humbled". That one is also irrevocable.

But there is more....such as the consequences of the king's carelessness.

The lesson of Chapter 8 is that, although the "hateful offender" is taken out of the picture, everyone still has to deal with the consequences of the things he put in motion.

How do the King, the Queen, and Mordecai deal with the looming death sentence for the Jews? Can they unscramble the egg?

....VIEW and SEE.