Esther 1

Nov 5, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

What book of the Bible did Martin Luther claim to be an enemy of? What book of the Bible was banned by Hitler from being read in Germany? What book in the bible makes no mention of God, includes no recorded prayer to God, and has no prophet? What book explains why the Jews never be able to be destroyed by Hitler, Hamas, or Hezbollah?

Of course you know, it is -- the story of Esther!

This is going to be an interesting study, one which is avoided by many pastors. Surrounded by controversy and full of ambiguity, the Story of Esther depicts the potential first Holocaust of the Jewish people. I say potential because the tables get turned and the Jews are preserved, an event still celebrated by the Feast of Purim.

Despite the absence of the mention of God, we are confronted with a series of "coincidental" events and decisions that align everything for a specific result. Esther is a portrayal of Romans 8:28 -- an invisible God working through ordinary people in decisive moments. The invisible God is the faithful God.

Lacking the miraculous signs and plagues of the Exodus, and a "Moses-like" deliverer, God resists the proud Haman, and gives grace to the humble Mordecai and Esther -- despite.....despite...despite what? Good question. For the answer...

...VIEW and SEE!