Esther 2

Nov 12, 2023    Pastor Steve Feden

"And the Winner Is...." - Esther 2

The stage has been set in chapter 1 of Esther. Xerxes' is powerful but largely incapable. That truth is confirmed through history's recording of his failure in battle and his failed shenanigans in the realm of women. But when you are a king like Xerxes you can do whatever you want!

Feeling the void left by the de-queened Vashti, the servants suggest a beauty pageant reminiscent of the flirty and fleshy reality TV show, "The Bachelor". PS....sorry if you were a fan. "Whoever pleases the king will be the new Queen!" You can't get much more superficial than that in choosing a queen!

Well, some viewer discretion is required as we wrestle with the whole situation. It's impossible not to think and compare Esther to Daniel and even to Joseph. All of them in difficult situations as Jews in Gentile/Pagan settings, having to make moral choices. There is no indication that Esther is wrestling over her situation.

Spoiler Alert: Of all the virgins [possibly more than 100] taken into the harem of Xerxes, one pleases him more than any other, and not by being a sharp intellect or being good at backgammon.

"Esther, what is a fine Jewish girl like yourself doing in a place like this?" What is she doing engaging in this relationship? How can she agree to marry a gentile king? Why is the author silent on matters of morality and purity? Does this reflect the general lapse of Godliness among the Jews who chose not to return to rebuild after the captivity??

Coincidences? Compromise? How can God possibly be at work in this mess? If you want to hash it out......then,

...VIEW and SEE!