Job 6-7

Mar 20, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"In My Defense"...says Job - Job 6-7

So, we are in Job 6-7 tonight at 6:30! It will be a bit shorter Bible study, as we look at Job's response to the pointed and somewhat accusatory comments of his friend Eliphaz!

From the depth of his grieving heart, Job has wished that he had never been born! If this suffering is what his life is amounting to, then a merciful God would have not allowed him to live past his birth! These were the thoughts to which Eliphaz could not resist responding.

We are simply tracking with Job as he tries to make sense of his suffering. Why is God determined to destroy Him? And if He is, why not just finish the job? How does Job currently understand his situation? That's what we will discuss tonight if you...