Job 23-26

Jul 3, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"A Helpful Perspective on Suffering" - Job 23-26

No one likes to suffer, but if we can see meaning and purpose in it, then it is a little easier to endure. You are well aware that we invite suffering and pain into our lives if and when we believe it is ultimately useful or even helpful.

We also know that talk is cheap. It is easier to say something than to do something. It is easy to talk about what "we would do", but how do you know? Would you really respond better than that person if you were in the same situation?

The only way to know is to actually be in that situation. It's called a test. Have you mastered the material? You say you have, but let's give you a test. Are you as strong as you say? Let's add some weight. Maybe, just maybe, you are actually stronger than you thought you were. And if not, then at least you know what you can be working on.

The weight of Job's suffering is heavy, and he has figured out how to endure. It's a mental thing. Your mind will give out and give up long before your body does.

In yet another high-water moment for Job, he reveals a very useful understanding of his situation. He has figured out a way to look at his life that is both useful and helpful when suffering doesn't make sense.

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