Job 8-10

Mar 27, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"I feel helpless"...says Job - Job 8-10

In this exposition of Job, we hear from "miserable comforter #2" -- Bildad. There is nothing really new in his argumentation toward Job, but it does get a little more intense!

After Job answers Eliphaz, Bildad steps in and says some pretty painful stuff. The root of the argument is the same -- Job is a hypocrite. His life is really a weak shell of pretending and he is not fooling God. Hypocrites don't prosper for long, but truly righteous people do!

Job actually agrees with Bildad on some points, but expands. Something seems to have gone wrong in the heavenly administration. There seems to be some mistake. If only he could talk to someone, he could sort this mess out. He is not demanding justice, but a little mercy would help!

As I have been reading this over, I was really connecting with Job's frustration over not being able to talk to someone to resolve the problem. And in the world we live in, I think you will be able to connect as well!

How can I understand Job's feelings of helplessness? Well..