Revelation 22:12-21

Nov 10, 2021    Pastor Steve Feden
Come! - Revelation 22:12-21

In this last message, we wrap up our study in Revelation in which we are in chap. 22, the epilogue of the book, and some final realities of eternal life. I believe we will have plenty to think about as we close the book of Revelation. Wait....I mean "open" the closing portion of the book! Huh?

Because of the blessings and value of the reality we see in the book, there is a strict warning to anyone who would tamper with it! It is not to be closed off, sealed away, or restricted. Further, God has chosen His words carefully, and anyone who decides what is important and what isn't will face eternal consequences!

In this message, we will again hear the heart of God and the invitation. The work has been done, the table is set, the river of life is flowing and the tree of life is available! All that is left for us to do is......COME!

Usually it is just me making the invitation, but this time the Spirit and the Bride are helping me out!

....View and see!