Hebrews 10:1-18

Jun 30, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"Saying Goodbye to Religious Guilt" - Hebrews 10:1-18

We have spent weeks hammering away at some challenging topics - the priesthood, sacrifices, and the mysterious biblical figure, Melchizadek. This last section puts the final proverbial "nail" in the coffin of the former way of relating to God.

If you have been going to church for any length of time, I imagine you have experienced the use of guilt to motivate you to change or to action. People's sinfulness is hung overhead with threats of broken fellowship with God.

Well, the author of Hebrews makes some pretty radical claims that, if understood, would change the experience and expectation of church life.

Could it be that we spend too much time focused on sin? If so, then what should we be focused on instead? And if we don't remind people of their sin and guilt, then how can they be motivated to live, and give, and serve? Oh, there is a better way.

These spiritually powerful truths could change your whole perspective, and your worship, if you.....

....VIEW and SEE!!!