Hebrews 1

Feb 11, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"It is Safe to Trust Jesus" - Hebrews 1

We begin our journey through the book of Hebrews, and in doing so we will consider if we can feel and be safe in trusting Jesus!

There are a few "unknowns" about the book of Hebrews. Who wrote it? Who was the original intended audience? In what year was it written?

But what we do know is that the author and the audience were believers with a strong grasp on the OT scriptures and practices. There are a lot of things that will appear as "common knowledge" to the original readers that might take a little explanation for us. So, it is assumed the audience were Jewish believers in Jesus.

The challenge they faced is that, in the hard times they were facing, they were losing faith in Jesus and going back to putting their trust back in some of their old ways. After all....God had given them these things to begin with, right?

Hebrews is an utterly compelling argument that it is safe -- safer than anything else -- to trust Jesus. And tomorrow we will see why we can trust what He says!


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