Nehemiah 9-10

Feb 7, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"Worship that Heals" - Nehemiah 9-10

Now that Nehemiah and company, Having built the wall, they are building a worshiping community. The foundation has been laid as they listened and understood the Word of God. The mind is open, the heart is pierced, and the emotions began to flow. That was our last study.

But the story doesn't end there. It is not a fairytale that says, "We read our Bible and lived happily ever after!" What happened next? What was the result? They wanted to obey what they read!

Almost everything I read on these chapters in Nehemiah made a reference to revival. We see what is happening among the people who have returned to the ruins of Jerusalem. New passion and renewed commitment, even with opposition and hardship.

But there is more to their worship than obedience and service. Following the Feast of Tabernacles that they celebrated, things press on in an interesting way. They kept reading and worshipping, and something else happened. Actually, two things that went hand in hand. These aspects are an important part of true revival.

What happened? What does it have to do with healing? That is what we will talk about if you will...