Nehemiah 10-12

Feb 14, 2024    Pastor Steve Feden

"We Should Renew Our Vows!" - Nehemiah 10-12

So,incredibly, God has provided such an appropriate passage in Nehemiah, because the jews in and around Jerusalem made a decision to renew their vows......with God!

After recounting all the ways their "forefathers" had been unfaithful to God, and all the ways God had remained faithful to them, this group is ready for a fresh start and feel very committed to God. They drew up the papers, signed them, and made it public.

Like a baptism service, with the same heart as the Jews in Nehemiah, I have seen people get "rebaptized" feeling that they had not taken their commitment to God seriously and were now in a new place. This, for them, would be communicated by getting baptized again. Not necessary, but it can be meaningful.

Join me as we watch this community take these very determined steps to commit to walking with God and obeying Him in all they do. Also, you will find out why many newly-ish-weds renewed their vows in 2023.