Athens, Ohio, July 2024

Why are we going?

We believe service is vital for a healthy life in Christ. Each year, we take a trip to a community in need. Our work is simple, whether it's cleaning yards or providing meals. In humility, we aim to love the broken, bond with each other, and draw closer to Christ.

This year, we're visiting Goodworks Inc., an organization in Athens, Ohio. They have been working in Ohio for 43 years and host different churches and groups to help with projects in their community. Their main goal is to build relationships with others and share the gospel with them. The work they do is a pathway to sow seeds into others. The people are primary; the work is secondary.  


  • Registration for the trip costs $300 per person
    • Ages 14-19
    • Checks must be made out to "Calvary Chapel Fluvanna"
    • Forms/payment can be turned in to Shane Coogan
    • You can also pay online, but you still need to turn in your paper form
    • Your spot is not secure until we receive both your form and payment

  • The registration deadline is Wednesday July 17th

Good Works Inc.

7857 Luhrig Rd, Athens, OH 45701