Restoration of the Divine Helper

Jul 30, 2023    Dr. David Eckman

Our guest speaker, Dr. David Eckman will be sharing with us all the deeper meaning of the "helper".

Dr. Eckman was formerly the Vice President of Western Seminary. He specializes in the Hebrew and Greek languages, from which I am certain he will bring out some precious gems for us.

I have to confess that the sermon title and topic are very compelling to me personally! In a world where much confusion exists regarding male, female, labels, and roles, we all need to hear from God! And what better place to start than in Genesis!

Why does God use the term "ezer" -- translated as "helper" -- to refer to Adam's wife, Eve? What exactly does that mean? Why does God use the same term of Himself 16 times? Hmmmm. What is the Biblical reality of the female gender? If you are as curious as I am, then...