at Calvary Chapel Fluvanna

Online registration is now closed as our academic year is underway. If you are interested in having your child join the co-op at this time, please email Gabi Dech at

What is the CCF Co-op?

We are not a school; rather we are a community of families raising children in Christian fellowship with other families and believers. By the power of the Holy Spirit, our continuing prayer is to be an educational fellowship rooted in grace, a place where children look forward to coming each week, and a place where families experience the love of Christ.


Public registration is currently closed.

However, if you are interested in having your child join the co-op at this time,
please email Gabi Dech at


How do I register?

Online registration is now closed as our academic year is underway. If you are interested in having your child join the co-op at this time, please email Gabi Dech at

Where are the classes taken?

All classes are held at Calvary Chapel Fluvanna.

How much does it cost to register?

There is a nonrefundable registration fee ($75 for one child or $100 for a family of 2 or more children), made payable when you complete your registration process. Each class has its own tuition and materials fees which are listed in the course catalog.

How much does tuition cost for my child's classes?

Payments for classes (and materials fees, where applicable) will be handled by the class teachers, as they are paid directly by you. Prices vary across courses, see the course catalog for more information.

When does the co-op meet?

We meet on Wednesdays only (with the exception of some of our math classes, which will hold a second class session on Mondays). Classes on Wednesdays start as early as 8:00am and run until 5:30pm.

Is lunch provided?

No. During the lunch period, we ask that all students provide their own lunch.

What classes are offered?

Available courses can be seen on our course catalog.

Are these classes graded?

Teachers are welcome to give grades as feedback for students and parents. However, since we are a homeschool co-op, parents are of course responsible for any final grade they wish to give, if they wish to give any at all.

Is there a weekly class schedule?

Yes! Our weekly schedule is available. However, our full academic calendar is not yet published.

Is there any financial aid available?

We are happy to consider individual situations of need as they arise. Please contact Dave Blaha ( Also, some teachers are open to having a parent assist in their classroom in exchange for a price break on tuition. You will need to approach your teachers individually about this.

What is the academic calendar for 2023-2024?

Our academic calender can be found here.

What child care options are available?

While we don’t provide child care, per se, if your young child (preK through 10 years old) is taking two or more classes on Wednesday mornings and has a gap between one and his or her next one, they can sign up to spend the gap period in Young Learners’ Free Period for your convenience. This class is available ONLY to our youngest students who are enrolled in more than one class on Wednesday mornings, and is only available until 11:50am. Parents are expected to pick their children up by noon.

What if my middle or high school-aged child has a gap between classes?

How do I know whether a class I am trying to sign my child up for still has room in it?

We offer a study hall period through the entire day, and your older child may sign up to spend that period in Study Hall to work on assignments for co-op or regular homeschool classes. This is a supervised class period.
If you head to our Updates blog, you can find an ongoing list of co-op announcements. Information about space availability will appear there. You can also email Gabi Dech at, and she will be happy to answer this question (or any others) for you.